Spring Training Challenge 2021

Live and Recorded Events

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Commit to one (or more) of the opportunities listed below. Aside from attendance, please commit to its work, curriculum, discussion, and understanding. The list below will continue to grow as we become more aware of opportunities available. For flexibility during a busy fall semester, many of the offerings are available as recordings.


Friday, March 5th, 12:30pm – 2:00pm:

The Rutgers Law Review is hosting a virtual symposium Taking OurSpace: Women of Color and Antiracism in the Legal Academy taking place on Friday, March 5 from 12:30-2:00 ET. The Symposium will center around themes from Meera Deo's book Unequal Profession: Race & Gender in Legal Academia. At a time when so many law schools are finding or re-asserting a commitment to antiracism, the need to think critically about the lack of space for women of color in the legal academy is especially poignant. The Symposium will feature women law professors at various points in their careers, who are teaching at a range of law schools, and from the tenure track and non-tenure track ranks. We plan to have a candid conversation about what law schools have been doing wrong, what steps they can take to rectify their failures, and why the voices of women of color are necessary at any institution that hopes to deal with race in a constructive fashion. 

Registration is available here. There is no fee. 

February 23, 2021

Please join the MSU at RWU for this incredible program with Dr. Yusef Salaam of the “Exonerated Five”!
To register, please click here: https://rwu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_LuO6mNMlTN20FbmtkA9FBg