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  • RWU Law Library Staff at the Rhode Island Food Bank

    Food Bank

    Food banks have secured and distributed billions of meals each year in the United States. Food insecurity and hunger are experienced by millions across the country. Food insecurity “describes a

  • Person typing on laptop computer

    Adobe Acrobat DC

    Adobe’s products are ubiquitous in the business and legal landscape. While most people will recognize Adobe Acrobat DC as the leading product for creating and editing pdf files, some may find it

  • Nicole Dyszlewski

    Meet the Staff: Nicole Dyszlewski

    Madonna, Cher, Nicole…. Three powerful women who go by one name. This week, the Legal Beagle sat down with Nicole Dyszlewski to find out a bit more about what makes her tick. What is your title?   I

  • Astronaut floating in space above a planet

    Roger That: Understanding in About a Minute

    If you look in, you will see that the phrase “Roger That” dates back to the days of early radio communications meaning that a message has been received and understood. “Roger” was the

  • Kathleen MacAndrew

    Meet the Staff: Kathleen MacAndrew

    As we head back to school for the new year, the Legal Beagle returns with more introductions (or re-introductions) of the talented law library staff. This week, the beagle introduces you to Kathleen

  • Dog with glasses sitting in front of a laptop computer

    Cybersecurity and the Law

    According to the 2020 Roundup Of Cybersecurity Forecasts and Market Estimates, “[c]ybersecurity now dominates the priorities of every organization as each adapts to a post-COVID 19 world.” According

  • Woman writing in a notebook while seated in front of a laptop

    Welcome Back!

    Whether you’ll be on campus, remote, or a mix of both, the Law Library extends a very special welcome back to everyone for Spring 2021! We hope that you’ve been able to spend some time recharging for

  • Drawing of person with points and lines over facial area

    Facial Recognition

    What is facial recognition? Facial recognition is a type of computer algorithm that seeks to identify a person in an image. This technology has been in development since the 1960s. Early systems used

  • Olive branches around the words "Happy New Year"

    Happy New Year from the RWU Law Library

    2020 brought us some memorable moments and unforgettable experiences like an impeachment trial, Brexit, COVID, murder hornets, Tiger King, the murder of George Floyd and other Black Americans, raging