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  • Self Care in letter tiles and 2 flowers

    Student Wellness

    Soon it will be finals time again. The end of the semester can be extremely stressful. You often hear the terms “self-care” and “student wellness” during this time. It is important to take care of

  • Macy's Thanksgiving Parade balloon handlers with Snoopy Balloon and 2 Star Shaped Balloon with "Macy's" logo

    Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

    With the Thanksgiving Holiday just around the corner, we want to highlight an event many of us enjoy, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. While the Macy’s Parade isn’t the oldest Thanksgiving parade

  • Covers of various study aid books

    Study! Outline! Exams!

    Need a little perspective on a complex issue in torts or contracts or evidence? Hit a thorny topic while working on your outlines and need some help fleshing it out? Need a little help practicing for

  • Yorkie dog dressed as a witch sitting next to a cauldron

    Happy Halloween!

    What would Halloween be without costumes? The National Retail Foundation estimates that Americans will spend 3.3 billion dollars on costumes this Halloween. Where did this love for costumes come from

  • Older man in a suit wearing headphones

    Audio Study Aids

    Did you know that there are audiobooks available to help with law school? Both the Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aids Library and West Academic Online Study Aids have audiobooks available to help you

  • MENTAL HEALTH in game tiles with a sprig of green leaves

    Mental Health in Law School

    October 10th is Law Student Mental Health Day. This day coincides with World Mental Health Day and it is a day that recognizes the stress, anxiety, mental and substance abuse issues among law students

  • Women lawyers in attendance at First Women Lawyers event dedicating a commemorative plaque at RWU Law

    Women in Law

    On October 27th, the Women's Law Society of Roger Williams University School of Law will hold its annual Women in Robes event. To help celebrate, the Law Library has prepared a virtual display of

  • Map of the world indicating location and number of downloads from Law Faculty Digital Repository Downloads, 2020-2021

    What People Think We Do – Faculty Services

    If you have been with us since the COVID-19 pandemic began, chances are that you might think that classroom tech support is a good chunk of our faculty services. Or perhaps you know that we also