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Meet the Staff: Kathleen MacAndrew

Kathleen MacAndrew

As we head back to school for the new year, the Legal Beagle returns with more introductions (or re-introductions) of the talented law library staff. This week, the beagle introduces you to Kathleen MacAndrew.   

What is your title?
Cataloging, Metadata, and Archives Librarian

Can you explain to our readers what you do using non-librarian terms?
I organize the library’s materials in our collection.  I make it easy for people to find what they are looking for in the stacks or on the computer.

The Beagle explains "Kathleen makes this sound way simpler than it is. There’s serious analytical thinking that goes into the job, to determine appropriate subject headings and much more.  Kathleen also adds tables of contents for books, making it easier for you to find book chapters that may be relevant!"

What are the Archives mentioned in your job title? 
It’s a collection of the law school’s history in one place. 

Some of the Beagle's favorite things found in the archives – the invitation to the first Women In Robes event, DVD recordings of selected events, and previous Commencement programs.

What is your favorite reading genre?
Mystery and historical fiction

What part of your job is most satisfying?
Creating records for library materials that contain information that will be helpful to users of the library’s web catalog.

What is the coolest item you’ve handled and/or the most interesting question you’ve ever answered at RWU Law? 
The bookcase once owned by one of the first black attorneys in Rhode Island that was donated by a local attorney to the law school as an inspiration to black students attending law school.

I’ve heard that you joined the library during its first few years.  What’s the most profound positive change you’ve seen in the library since you joined it?
A more effective commitment to helping the law students in their preparations to practice the law.

Name something you dislike, but everyone else seems to love.
Memes. I just don’t get them.

Thanks Kathleen for taking time from your busy schedule to chat with the Beagle.

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